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Stan Teich is a Technical Fellow for Northrop Grumman, a major aerospace company. He holds six patents for electronic inventions that were used for state of the art technical equipment for both space and aircraft programs. He was passionate about engineering, because he was able to express his creativity by integrating electronic and mechanical components into unique technical designs. He later turned his focus to art, where he channeled his creativity into developing unique “Technology Inspired Art”—a natural transition—as he merged technology and art through abstract paintings, sculpture and collage . Stan studied art at the Art league of Long Island and exhibited his art work at the Tengelsen Gallery. He is also a member of the Huntington Arts Council. Ten of his abstract expressionism paintings have been featured in the "BOLD" exhibit in the Art-trium Gallery curated by the Huntington Arts Council.

Recent Exhibits: Stan's art will be shown on the Hecksher Museum Biennniel online Gallery; now to 2018. A few of his paintings were exhibited on the American Guild of Judaic Art website; www.jewishart.org. He has displayed his abstract art at juried and member art shows at Huntington Main Street Gallery and Art League Gallery. Stan recently won 2 Bronze Awards in an Art Forward contests for contemporary artists, which had 800 entries. His winning entry can be currently seen at; http://www.artforwardcontests.com/portfolio-items/stan-teich/?portfolioID=4747 as well as in the Decemnber 2015 issue of the Blouin Gallery Guide which is circulated to museums and galleries. Stan's mixed media art, plus his interactive contemporary art (which will include active electronics in the art ) were displayed at the St. Joseph College Gallery in 2015. In 2016 he displayed 3 Dimensional painting at the Art League Gallery. After that, heplans to exhibit his paintings and sculpturet in the Huntington Arts Council Main Street Gallery and Art League Gallery.


T E C H N I Q U E & S T Y L E

Like late fellow Long Island resident, Jackson Pollock, Stan Teich challenges the artistic tradition of using easel and brush. By using found objects iand electronic parts that are seen as “junk” or antiquated technology, we are now forced to see these recycled items in a new form and aesthetic in his sculpture and in his cosmic based paintings. By using house paint applied to wood, canvas and plexiglass, he is able to create texture and layers that resemble the vast layers of celestial space, some in 3D, as well as other abstract works of art amd sculpture..



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Huntington Arts Council Bold Exhibit Review